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I was born in Manchester, in north west England. My earliest memories of the place - as a very small child at the beginning of the 1960's - was of unrelieved greyness and smoky desolation. Now, of course, I return to see the fine Victorian architecture blasted clean and the post-industrial renaissance of Manchester well under way - with the new city built confidently out of glass and steel. However, at the age of four I was taken to live in Chester; a world away, culturally and aesthetically, from my former home just 40 miles to the north. In Chester I thought nothing of walking on city walls built nearly 2,000 years ago by Roman soldiers. Every day I would cross a 14th century bridge into the city centre; drink in pubs built in the days of the Tudors or Stuarts; seek solace in a Norman cathedral or while away summer days in a beautifully maintained Victorian park. While enjoying the vibrant, culturally diverse and thriving cities of today - fantastic destinations for visitors from across the world - I still seek out places associated with the past. These are the locations that tell the story of Britain and of what makes it unique. In this gallery are images of buildings, villages and towns that are the physical manifestation of my country's history - I hope you enjoy them. Read more about my work as a travel and tourism photographer on my blog at

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