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The experience of visiting a garden is a very personal one. It evokes a host of memories and emotions, stimulates a range of senses and appeals to that part of us that is closest to and most in tune with nature.

For some, gardens are a haven of peace - the plants a colourful and enticing backdrop in a place where the tranquillity is almost palpable.

For others gardens provide stimulation – they are outstanding examples of horticultural perfection; a source of brilliant ideas visitors can take away and apply at home.

Many enjoy the subtle interplay of tones and colours, of leaf form, flower shape and scents. They appreciate the history of gardens, the development of design and continuity through time - as well as thoughtful restoration and renewal.

And for a great number more, gardens are just wonderful places to go for days out – to take the kids, enjoy afternoon tea, an ice cream and a stroll.

Whether you are in search of peace; gardening ideas; aesthetic and intellectual stimulation, or quality time with your family, Britain provides some of the finest gardens in the world.

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